April 23, 2012

a photographer's children

At the beginning of this year, I resolved to spend more time on my creative interests, like sewing, home improvements, and photography. It's something that's always been important to me but is easily forgotten when life gets busy. One thing I've realized since our girls were born is that the hardest people to photograph are your own children. So, in order to stick to my resolution, I had to find some more willing subjects! And I did.


I've been going model photo shoots with a local photography club and I'm enjoying every minute of it. The models are so easy going and open to ideas, and it's great to meet others who love photography and to share tips and equipment, and my girls are getting a break from the camera! I loved the dress that this model, Nicole, was wearing at the shoot at Friendship Fountain. I got some great shots of the light reflecting off the sparkles, but this candid smile was my favorite!