It's been a great year at Kayla June Photography! I had the opportunity to meet and photograph so many sweet families and one gorgeous wedding during 2014. Thank you all. I hope you love your ornaments! Can't wait to see you again in 2015!

I have photographed my dear friend Audra's family more times than I can count, and it's awesome because she always has great ideas for locations and concepts.  This time, we were documenting baby P's first steps.  He was on the verge of walking for a while and when I finally got the call, I knew we had to act fast while those steps were still new and before he got to be too much of a pro at strolling around.  He was so happy to be mobile and so proud of how big he was!  And really, for a new walker, he was fast!

It seems like watching the weather on session days is my new normal, so of course it rained hard as I drove to the beach, but since Audra had gotten her makeup done, we were determined to make it happen!  I'm so glad we did because we started with a rainbow above us and the sky continued to clear up and our session ended with a gorgeous sunset.  As much as I love photography, there are some things still images just can't capture, like the faltering first steps of a one-year-old, and that's why I love video. I was super lucky to have my friend Meghan of Meghan Stewart Photography shoot the stills beside me so that I could focus on the movement. Enjoy! And if you're on a decent internet connection, click up to 720p so you can view it HD--it's worth it!

All We Ever Wanted (short version)
It's time to update the blog with the "What I Did This Summer" report!  There were oh-so-many wonderful sessions with fun families, and this one is from back in May.  The dad called me and explained that his oldest daughter was graduating from high school and moving overseas for college and he wanted some photos of everyone together before she was gone.  It was so neat to hear how excited R was for her education and career plans--studying multiple languages and becoming an interpreter.  Since languages and traveling are two of my passions, I identified with her and got excited, too!  It was also a nice change of pace to work with a large group of older (ages 13 to 19) siblings.  I just loved the way they interacted and how you could sense the relationships between them as deep and unique.  They had fun together that night and even more fun when Dad joined us!


Here is the sweetest baby girl, adored by big sister and both parents.  Being more than a week old and born just past her due date, she stayed wide awake for most of the session, but was happy to do so.  Baby A enjoyed stretching out and and being loved on by all of us before she finally fell asleep.  Can't believe she has already hit the three month mark!

Contrary to the evidence on this blog, I've been busy, busy photographing my family and lots of others over the past few months--so busy that I just haven't gotten around to recording much of it here.  I can't believe this little one was just in her mama's belly and it's already been three months since she was born.  The morning I spent with this sweet family was so calm and relaxed.  I remember things being a bit chaotic in those first few weeks with a newborn and toddler, but we had lots of quiet moments to capture the newest member of the family with her parents and older sister.  I'll be back soon to share the newborn portraits.  Thank you for another beautiful session with your family, Naomi!


It was only two posts ago that I was talking about our crazy Florida weather and how much it can affect photography plans.  The morning of this sweet girl's session, her mom and I talked and decided to postpone the session because of rain.  I kept checking the sky, thinking "There's no rain yet."  We talked again and decided to go forward with it, and I'm so glad we did.  We didn't feel any rain until the very end of the session, and the light was perfectly beautiful for highlighting little G's perfect baby skin and gorgeous blue eyes.  The humidity even helped with her curls!

This session was so fun since mom, big sis and I were doing everything we could to get smiles out of little G, and unbelievably, she stayed put on her blanket through all of it!  If it hadn't started raining, I think baby girl could have modeled for me all day and I would have been happy to keep on shooting!

I figured I'd better get to blogging this session since baby is now here and I'm photographing her this weekend!  Two-year-olds are so much fun to photograph because there's really no choice but to follow their lead and play!  We ran in circles, took a few snack breaks, and were able to capture a lot of sweet moments to remember this time of waiting for the newest family member.  Sweet little M was full of energy, and her favorite thing to do these days, like many toddlers, is jump!  I'm excited to see in a couple days how she likes being a big sister!  I loved that her parents were waiting to be surprised with the gender of the baby, so it was fun to speculate and talk about name possibilities.  The anticipation of pregnancy is so sweet, and I'm happy to have captured the memory of this special family time.