One of the perks of becoming a Kayla June client is that I occasionally offer mini sessions to families I've photographed before. These are perfect for milestones, birthdays, and holidays. The K family is extra special to me because my kids love these kids and they always ask if they can come with me to the session! But that doesn't happen.;) This was a quick shoot one morning before a t-ball game, right around Miss L's 6th birthday. The kids were full of energy, ready to run, jump, dance, or whatever I asked them to do. I love being able to capture kids' individual personalities!


This is the summer of family reunions in Florida! I've never photographed so many extended families and groups of cousins. Every time I drive out to meet a group like this, it makes me feel like I'm on a mini vacation with them, surrounded by the beach with its gorgeous skies and immersed in family. And I'm always impressed with those who travel to be a part of the reunion with young babies. Those first few months with a new little can be kind of daunting, but it really is a great time to pack everyone up and go! This group was celebrating milestone birthday for Dad, and I'm so glad we were able to document this sweet time at the beach with the baby cousins!

Cousins hold a special place in my heart. Growing up, we lived within walking distance of some of mine and we always had giant gatherings when more of my parents' siblings got together. It was so fun to see them year after year. So it's fun for me to see the beginnings of that type of relationship when I get to photograph a group of young cousins. These kids, especially the boys, have such a strong bond already, and it was a pleasure to capture it!

When my kids were small, I knew they wouldn't be at their best when the light is so pretty right before sunset. The end of the day can be so unpredictable for kids who are ready to sleep! So what's next best? Right after the sun comes up, early in the morning, so I love a family who will get up with the sun for pretty light and a happy baby! This is another group who came to Ponte Vedra from Atlanta for vacation, and we captured their sweet memories on the beach near their condo.

Thinking back to another family session on a day that was just too cool to be outside as planned. When a family's schedule is tight, sometimes it's tough to reschedule, so when they were open to being photographed in their home, I decided it was the perfect solution. After all, it's the most personal place to capture memories!

Oh, how I wish I'd realized how portable a newborn is when I had my first daughter! This family had the right idea in continuing their family tradition of an end-of-summer vacation at the beach, even right after their newest addition joined them. Sweet baby girl even donned a swimsuit for her first time on the sand!