June 20, 2012

the O family in jacksonville, florida

I recently had the opportunity to photograph this beautiful family.  The first photo perfectly captures the energy of their little man.  He's my daughter's best bud at preschool, and he is so much fun. 

We talked beforehand about what they all should wear, and I think they did a great job of putting together outfits for the whole family.  Like my family, they are pretty casual, but still wanted the photos to be special. I remember the day I was picking C up from preschool and my friend and I had both forgotten it was school picture day.  C was wearing a shirt with a big cupcake on it, and her bud had on a Toy Story shirt.  Oops!  Let's just say these turned out better than the school photos!

And their daughter--the perfect little model.  They all did a great job.  Even Lola, their pup, cooperated!  I was so glad that we thought to get a few shots of just mom and dad.  Like my husband and me, they're celebrating ten years of marriage this year.  Congratulations, you guys!