November 28, 2012

merry and bright | jacksonville family photographer

So, we all want photos of our kids happy and in their best mood, but what do you do when the photo session and that perfect mood don't align?  Go with it!  It's best when parents can relax, like Audra and Patrick did, and just see what happens.  We were able to get some great shots of mom and dad while little P finished his snooze in the car.  And when he joined us, we indulged him in a little i-phone play, and I focused on some detail shots while he warmed up to the camera.  It might have taken a little longer than mom might have wanted, but our patience paid off and we got the perfect shot for their Christmas cards.  As well as one of a crying face--not something we as parents usually try to record, but an image that can bring back so many 'real' memories of life with a preschooler.:)