April 5, 2013

moving family portrait | jacksonville family photography + video

Before having kids, I never really thought about birth order, but there are definitely pros and cons of being the first born child.  I'm definitely stricter with my oldest, and for a long time she didn't have a playmate at home.  But I think this portrait session captures some of the advantages of being first!

As much as I love photography (and that's A LOT), there's something about video that brings out the emotions in me.  Maybe it's the connections and movements that still photos don't capture or maybe it's finding the perfect music to fit the mood of what I'm showing. Whatever it is, I was thrilled to shoot and produce my first commissioned moving family portrait. I've been creating videos of days in my own family's life, and A + P wanted to do something similar.

With the arrival of their new baby just around the corner, they wanted to document their life as a family of three.  Until I had my own kids, I never thought about the fact that I had been an only child (and had all my parents' attention!) for my first two-and-a-half years.  It seems like my little brother was always in our family.  So, maybe one day little P will watch this video and see what his life was like pre-baby-brother.