August 22, 2013

back to school + back to business | jacksonville children's photographer

Wow, what a busy summer!  My girls have been home with me, so I put client work on hold to enjoy some time with them.  We spent lots of time trying to stay cool—on the slip-n-slide, at swim lessons, at the zoo’s splash pad.  Now that school has started, I’m excited to get back to sharing what I’ve been working on.  During the month of May, I shot tons of film, which brought me back to the basics of exposure and composition.  You only have one chance to get it right when you’re working on each frame of film, and there’s no LCD screen to check (my girls finally stopped asking to see!), but I’m so happy with the results—the quality of film images is so deep and rich, and it's beautiful in bright summer sun!  Shooting in film teaches so many lessons that can be applied to digital, so besides the giddiness I feel when I get a roll back from the lab, it’s really helpful to me and my art.  Can you tell a difference between film and digital images?

Here are some favorite film images from the past few months.  I’ll be back soon to share some other recent work.