February 2, 2014

love session (that I loved!) | jacksonville couples photographer

One of the great things about Clickin' Walk was connecting with other local photographers and seeing their work.  Before we started shooting, we were all comparing gear and talking about what genres we enjoy shooting.  Malerie and I connected immediately because we have the same camera, and she was also shooting with one of my favorite lenses.  She's into boudoir photography and does a beautiful job of making women look amazing!  So fast forward a few weeks, and Malerie asked me to shoot a 'love session' for her and her husband.  They hadn't had any portraits taken since their wedding, and wanted some images that captured their relationship and their love of the outdoors.  I suggested Alpine Groves Park because the light is beautiful, and every detail fit this Louisiana couple perfectly.  Their love was so apparent during the session, and we had so much fun with all of our ideas!