February 24, 2016

40 days at home | jacksonville newborn photographer

Oh, this baby! I couldn't be more excited for these two! Shinji and Jenn have been close friends since before our kids were born. They took good care of us when we had newborns by bringing Chinese food from Jenn's family's restaurant or Japanese food that Shinji had made. They always bring souvenirs to the girls, green tea to me, and curry to my husband when they visit our beloved Japan. They are the reason why my kids can eat with chopsticks! So I was super excited for them to start their own family. In Chinese culture, mama and baby stay at home for the first forty days, so it was important for us to shoot sweet baby girl at their house. She one week new in these images! As meaningful as it is for me to see Jenn as a mother, loving on her little one, I'm not surprised at how naturally she has settled into the role. But it's been really cool to watch Shinji go from carefree college student (I was his English teacher years ago!) to being totally smitten with this tiny person. I think his love for Jenn and Baby M comes through in the images we captured!