September 22, 2014

siblings session | jacksonville beach photographer

It's time to update the blog with the "What I Did This Summer" report!  There were oh-so-many wonderful sessions with fun families, and this one is from back in May.  The dad called me and explained that his oldest daughter was graduating from high school and moving overseas for college and he wanted some photos of everyone together before she was gone.  It was so neat to hear how excited R was for her education and career plans--studying multiple languages and becoming an interpreter.  Since languages and traveling are two of my passions, I identified with her and got excited, too!  It was also a nice change of pace to work with a large group of older (ages 13 to 19) siblings.  I just loved the way they interacted and how you could sense the relationships between them as deep and unique.  They had fun together that night and even more fun when Dad joined us!