October 16, 2014

my favorite: another moving portrait | jacksonville beach photography

I have photographed my dear friend Audra's family more times than I can count, and it's awesome because she always has great ideas for locations and concepts.  This time, we were documenting baby P's first steps.  He was on the verge of walking for a while and when I finally got the call, I knew we had to act fast while those steps were still new and before he got to be too much of a pro at strolling around.  He was so happy to be mobile and so proud of how big he was!  And really, for a new walker, he was fast!

It seems like watching the weather on session days is my new normal, so of course it rained hard as I drove to the beach, but since Audra had gotten her makeup done, we were determined to make it happen!  I'm so glad we did because we started with a rainbow above us and the sky continued to clear up and our session ended with a gorgeous sunset.  As much as I love photography, there are some things still images just can't capture, like the faltering first steps of a one-year-old, and that's why I love video. I was super lucky to have my friend Meghan of Meghan Stewart Photography shoot the stills beside me so that I could focus on the movement. Enjoy! And if you're on a decent internet connection, click up to 720p so you can view it HD--it's worth it!

All We Ever Wanted (short version)